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Electrophoretic Comparison of Cyprinodon variegatus Lacépède and Cyprinodon hubbsi Carr, with Comments on the Genus Cyprinodon (Atheriniformes: Cyprinodontidae)


Five populations of Cyprinodon hubbsi were electrophoretically compared to 12 populations from Florida of C. variegatus. Our data support Johnson and Snelson's (1978) placing of C. hubbsi in synonymy with C. variegatus. Present day populations of the nominal C. hubbsi possibly arose from 3 different founding populations: one derived from a Gulf coast C. variegatus population, another derived from a Florida east coast C. variegatus population, and a third from which the present day Lake Dora population of C. hubbsi is derived, origin uncertain. The large amount of morphological variation in this genus is also partially reflected electrophoretically, and the populations sampled fall into discrete groups.