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Status and Habitat of Alabama Gulf Coast Beach Mice Peromyscus polionotus ammobates and P. p. trissyllepsis


The present study documents the distribution of the gulf coast beach mice (Peromyscus polionotus ammobates and P.p. trissyllepsis) in Alabama and assesses their status. Since 1921, approximately 62% of beach mouse habitat in Alabama has been lost. Populations of P. p. ammobates are concentrated on small tracts of habitat from the Fort Morgan peninsula to Romar Beach. P. p. trissyllepsis was found only at one site at Florida Point on Perdido Key. Live trapping for 1,566 trapnights yielded 157 beach mice. Area extrapolations were used to determine the density of P. p. ammobates. Approximately 875 P. p. ammobates were estimated to live on 134.6 ha (6.5 mice/ha). Only one P. p. trissyllepsis was trapped from 25.2 ha. The vegetation of the habitat is described. Factors responsible for the disappearance of beach mice in Alabama are discussed.