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Reproductive Biology of Cero, Scomberomorus regalis, from the Coastal Waters of South Florida


Cero, Scomberomorus regalis, were collected off south Florida during 1980-81 to determine their reproductive biology. Spawning of cero occurs in coastal waters throughout most of the year with a peak in May. Males attain maturity at about 350 mm FL and females at about 380 mm FL. Fecundity estimates from 20 late maturing or ripe females ranged from 161,000 ova for a 380 mm fish weighing 558 g to 2,234,000 ova for a 800 mm fish weighing 4,944 g. Total weight better indicated fecundity than did fork length. The relationship between fecundity and total weight was expressed by the least square equation F = -1.079 x 10-1 + (4.342 x 10-4) TW. The mean number of ova per gram of fish weight was 362.