c. VIDEO - Getting Started in the Templates (use with the GUIDELINES) - produced February 2016

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STEP 2 - INSTRUCTIONS FOR FORMATTING AND THE USM TEMPLATES - THE USM GUIDELINES - for Theses, Dissertations, and Nursing Capstone Projects

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This video was made in February 2016. The beginning section, where the Graduate Documents website is shown, is now OUT OF DATE. The additional templates that are discussed as something that will happen in the future, are now on the website. The current guidelines are always on the website now - so check frequently to be sure you are using the guidelines currently found there under Step 2. (2/2017)

There are videos that follow that are more recent (the next two videos were produced at the same time as this video). Please read the description for each video before viewing each video. (2/2017)

This video is to be used in conjunction with the written instructions and both will assist you in using the USM Templates. This video covers the instructions for the preliminary pages and how to start with the USM Template. This video does not cover everything - the USM Guidelines and Instructions for Using the Templates are essential to the correct use of the USM Templates. Contact the Reviewer for more help.

This video was produced by William Michael Trest, Multimedia Developer, USM Learning Enhancement Center, February 2016.

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