e. VIDEO - Creating Tables & Figures in the Templates (use with the GUIDELINES) - produced in February 2016

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STEP 2 - INSTRUCTIONS FOR FORMATTING AND THE USM TEMPLATES - THE USM GUIDELINES - for Theses, Dissertations, and Nursing Capstone Projects

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This video was produced in February of 2016. Since this video was produced, some better methods for entering many of the elements discussed in this video have been found. Please use the more recently produced videos (the first one begins with letter f). Do not use the instructions found in this video for adding new chapters, tables, and landscaped tables.
This video will remain on the website for the time being, but may be removed in the future. (2/2017)

This video is to be used in conjunction with the written instructions and both will assist you in using the USM Templates. This video covers the instructions for formatting figures and tables. These videos do not cover everything - the USM Guidelines and Instructions for Using the Templates are essential to the correct use of the USM Templates. Contact the Reviewer for more help.

This video was produced by William Michael Trest, Multimedia Developer, USM Learning Enhancement Centre, February 2016.

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