Date of Award

Spring 5-2013

Degree Type

Honors College Thesis


Marketing and Fashion Merchandising

First Advisor

Mike Wittmann

Advisor Department

Marketing and Fashion Merchandising


The pharmaceutical industry is moving towards more adaptive selling methods for their sales people. This means that the scripted sales pitch must be adjusted for the personality of the customer. Doctors were interviewed to understand their opinions of the sales people that come into their offices. Through the case studies, it was found that the doctors liked the adaptive selling methods with the combination of relational and scripted aspects for the sales presentation. Doctors found that the most successful sales calls were those that were a good combination of relational aspects as well as the education that is within the script of a sales call. With a good combination, doctors found that sales people stepped into an advisor role opposed to just a sales role. This allowed the doctors to have a stronger relationship and more trust between those sales representatives that used their time wisely and got their point across in the way that each doctor preferred most.

Included in

Business Commons