Submission Guidelines

Manuscript files (Microsoft Word format only) must be submitted electronically through the website portal.

Submissions must include a cover letter that provides:

  1. Manuscript title
  2. Names, positions, and institutional affiliations of each author
  3. Corresponding author's telephone number and e-mail address

Manuscripts must conform to the current edition of the American Psychological Association Manual. Each manuscript must be double-spaced, Times New Roman font size 12, and utilize one inch margins on the top, bottom, and sides. Number the pages and lines throughout the manuscript, including references.

Manuscripts must include an abstract of approximately 150 words.

Manuscript length, including tables and figures, should be 15-25 pages. Please include tables/figures throughout the main text where they should be inserted in the manuscript.

Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce copyrighted information and materials. Submitting a manuscript indicates the author(s) agree(s) to the transfer copyright to the Journal of Sport Safety and Security.

The editor-in-chief will review all manuscripts upon receipt to determine appropriateness. Once the topic and style are deemed appropriate, manuscripts are forwarded to three reviewers with relevant expertise for blind review. The JSSS board strives to notify authors of review decisions within ninety days. Each manuscript will be classified as either:

  • Accepted
  • Accepted with minor revisions
  • Resubmission and review following major recommended revisions
  • Rejected