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Many library publishing programs rightly laud the value of Open Access in their endeavors, but this largely focuses on paywalls, and paywalls are not the only barrier to access. For example, users with visual impairments may need to rely on screen readers or other tools to utilize a publication, and if the document has not been optimized for these technologies, such readers may still be left out. It is essential that library publishing programs take these users into account when developing their workflows.

In late 2020, our library-led publishing program began the process of reviewing the journals published through our repository to see if all of the publications met accessibility standards. After identifying any needed changes, we began collaborating with editors to identify necessary workflow changes and provide training sessions tailored to each journal depending on its needs. This presentation will highlight the steps we took to identify needed changes, the process for training and remediation thus far, and a discussion of next steps.


Presentation delivered at the 2021 Library Publishing Forum Virtual Conference