Videos: For Parents & Caregivers

Raising Creativity by Rebecca Zak:
"How can we nurture creativity in education? The Raising Creativity documentary project answers the why, who, how, what, and now what about creativity in education respectively (i.e., why is this topic important, who has spoken/written on this topic already, how will this issue be investigated this time, what was observed during the inquiry, and now what will this mean going forward?)."

How to Raise Creative Kids by Gigi Ross:
"Learn tips for how to raise creative kids in this edition of Bonfire Chat. Sometimes we're so caught up in teaching our kids the ABCs and 123s we forget that there are little Picassos inside each of them! Watch as women gather to discuss tips, tricks and ideas on how to raise creative kids who aren't afraid to be artistic!"

What about Play? by The Museum Center for Learning:
Have you checked out your closest children's museum? This inspirational video on play will make you want to get outside and play with your kids and check out your local resources.