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Maxine Turner was born in 1940 in Holt, Alabama, and moved to Meridian, Mississippi when she was three years-old. After living in the George Reese Courts, Turner’s family moved to 34th Avenue and 13th Street in the northwest part of town. They attended St. Paul Methodist Episcopal Church, just across the street from the 13th Street library.

Turner began using the library when she was in third grade, mostly for personal reading and to support her schooling. She attended several of Meridian’s segregated schools, including St. Joseph Catholic School, Meridian Baptist Seminary, Wechsler Junior High School and T.J. Harris High School, and was also involved in Girl Scouts. She later attended Tougaloo College in Jackson, Mississippi, and completed a master’s degree at Mississippi State in Starkville. After returning to Meridian in 1969, she moved to New York in 1971 to pursue a career in music education.

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