Freshman Academy: Transitioning ninth grade students through the academic and social rigors of the high school experience and the students', parents' and teachers' perceptions

Yulanda West Clinton


Freshman Academy in Mobile County is an ever growing concept. Although the school in this study no longer houses a freshman Academy, the research reveals valuable information that is very useful in assisting schools and school systems in deciding whether or not to implement this type of transitioning program. In addition to the data, the students', parents', and teachers' perceptions of the program are invaluable. This study revealed that students, parents, and teachers have positive perceptions about the academic and social interest areas of freshman students and negative perceptions about the structural interest area. This study also revealed, there is no statistically significant relationship between the perception of males and females of the freshman transition academy. In addition, there is no statistically significant difference between the perceptions of students, teachers, and parents of the freshman transition academy's ability to properly transition into high school.