A Study of the "Strathclyde Concerto No. 5" (1991) by Peter Maxwell Davies

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



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Michael Kimber

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This study undertook several aspects of The Strathclyde Concerto No. 5 , including biographical information about Peter Maxwell Davies, a background on the form of the work (double concerto or symphome concertante ), and a complete analysis of the concerto. The research led to several excellent sources covering both symphonie concertante works and the music of Davies. The approach taken involved standard research techniques as well as internet-based research. The official Peter Maxwell Davies site, http://www.maxopus.com, provided valuable information. Correspondence with Carolyn J. Smith, author of the Greenwood Press Bio-Bibliography, Peter Maxwell Davies , proved to be very fruitful. This paper revealed Davies' use of serialized scales as a rondo theme, a possible relationship to Mozart's Sinfonia concertante , K320d, and a less subtle use of pre-existing material than in his previous works. The analysis of this work revealed a highly structured composition, utilizing both sonata and rondo forms. Though composed at a prodigious rate, Davies' music is complex, well thought out, and extraordinary with regard to formal structure and musical content.