A Stylistic Analysis of the Fourth Piano Suite, "Memories of Childhood" By Jun-Pok Lee


Sunhee Beak

Date of Award


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Degree Name

Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



First Advisor

Lois Leventhal

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This study exists as a resource for the understanding of the piano music of Korean born composer Jun-pok Lee. It opens with Lee's biography, and contains a discussion of his musical training. Jun-pok Lee, who lived an impoverished childhood, was born in Plain county near North Korea's capital Pyong-yang. The main portion of this document concerns itself with Lee's Fourth Piano Suite, Memories of Childhood , which represents both Romanticism and Korean Nationalism. Lee's nostalgic feelings toward his childhood emerge in the suite, which consists of character pieces. His frequent quoting of Korean children's songs contributes to the atmosphere of nostalgia. Rhythmic patterns are simple, regular, and repetitive, reflective of the innocence of childhood. Quartal melodies abound, giving the music a unique Korean flavor, as does the occasional incorporation of the sound of native instruments. The musical elements of melody, tonality, harmony, rhythm, texture, and form are analyzed. Two other representative solo piano works, Chonjupalkyung and Meditation are also discussed in the document. Appendices contain a table of musical elements in the Fourth Piano Suite, a list of Lee's entire output, and a letter of permission from the composer.