The Works For Guitar and Orchestra of Federico Moreno-Torroba and Performing Edition of "Romancillos" For Guitar and Orchestra

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



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Charles Elliott

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Spanish nationalist Federico Moreno-Torroba (1891--1982) was one of the most prolific composers of twentieth-century Spain. Though the majority of his compositional output was centered on staged works such as the zarzuela, his friendship with legendary guitarists such as Andres Segovia and Celedonio Romero inspired Torroba to create numerous works for the guitar, including compositions for guitar and orchestra. The guitar and orchestra works, however, are known only to a privileged few within the guitar community. The limited exposure of these compositions to guitarists and audiences during Torroba's lifetime has now resulted in their extreme neglect and lack of recognition after his death. The number of high quality guitar concerti and other works for guitar and orchestra is extremely limited. Thus, this author hopes that by creating a more extensive catalog of these works and a critical edition of one work in particular, Romancillos, the dissemination of this information to the guitar community will increase performances of Torroba's works, thereby also greatly expanding the repertoire available in this genre. The goal of this dissertation will be achieved by focusing on two principal topics concerning Torroba's life. First, a brief biographical summary of Torroba's life and career, with special emphasis on his works for guitar will be presented. Secondly, common problems associated with the preservation and accessibility to these works will be addressed, including editorial problems concerning guitar parts and piano reductions, which will be of particular interest to the research in this section. A historical chronology and catalog of his works for guitar and orchestra will also be included with this material, including a piano reduction and performing edition of Romancillos for guitar and orchestra. This dissertation will not be an attempt to rectify every problem encountered during this study, but through the creation of a piano reduction and critical performing edition of Romancillos from the composer's original orchestral score, will contribute greatly to the preservation of Torroba's works in this genre.