An Examination of Victim Reporting Levels and Perceived Satisfaction With the Law Enforcement Response to Stalking In the State of Mississippi

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Criminal Justice

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Stephen L. Mallory

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Criminal Justice


Three hundred and eighty-three (383) college students in the state of Mississippi were surveyed regarding their experiences as stalking victims, related reporting behaviors, and perceptions of law enforcement intervention, if any. Seventy percent (70%) of the sample reported being the focus of at least one stalking behavior. The researcher identified a statistically significant relationship between certain stalking behaviors and the likelihood that a victim would feel threatened by the stalker. There was no statistically significant relationship between selected demographic variables and reporting behavior, nor was there a statistically significant relationship between feeling threatened and reporting the stalking behavior. For those participants that chose to file a complaint with police, most reported feeling satisfied with the law enforcement response, except for items relating to explanations offered by the police regarding the legal process and personal safety.