The Efficacy of a School-Home Note In Reducing Disruptive Classroom Behavior: The Differential Effects of Selecting Social and Academic Targets

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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D. Joe Olmi

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A school-home note intervention was combined with praise and a response cost procedure to determine the effects of targeting social and academic behaviors in four elementary school children. The first phase of the study employed a school-home note intervention to target appropriate social behavior. The second phase employed a school-home note to target academic performance. During each intervention phase, parental praise was contingent upon meeting a predetermined performance criterion based on baseline data collection. If the criterion was not met, a response cost procedure (i.e., restriction of privileges) was implemented. A multiple baseline treatment design was employed across three subjects. A fourth participant was included to ensure the effects of the academic target condition were not dependent upon the preceding social target condition. The results of this study demonstrated the effectiveness of selecting social targets within the context of a school-home note.