Luigi Zaninelli's "Aria Festiva" From Four Perspectives: The Composer, Virtuoso Soloist, Conductor, and Analyst

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



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Joel Treybig

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At the time of this writing there was no secondary literature concerning Aria Festiva . Therefore, the information provided herein is based largely on a series of personal interviews with the composer, virtuoso soloist, and conductor, all of whom were directly involved in the preparation of the premiere performance of the work. The author of this document will base many of his views on having performed Aria Festiva in a solo recital with orchestra and a small group of antiphonal trumpeters. Recommendations regarding performance practice will be presented along with suggestions for maximizing the effect of performance preparation. An evaluation of the premiere performance will be discussed along with an overall assessment of the work. Chapter I will discuss the origin of Aria Festiva and describe the musical character of the work. Chapter II will deal primarily with analytical aspects of form and texture as well as harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic elements and how they interweave within Aria Festiva . There will also be discussion of the effectiveness of the work considering the challenges of the venue in which it was premiered. Biographical information and evaluative summaries of personal interviews with Prof. Luigi Zaninelli, Carl "Doc" Severinsen, and Dr. Jack "Jay" Dean are presented in Chapters III, IV, and V. In these chapters, each authority describes his own concerns regarding the essential compositional aspects and performance considerations of Aria Festiva . The summary and conclusions in Chapter VI reflect the author's perception of each interview and an evaluation of Aria Festiva within the context of the Doc Severinsen in Night of 1000 Trumpets project. The appendixes at the end of the document contain interview transcriptions along with the author's harmonic analysis and musical examples of Aria Festiva which outline various stages of its development.