A Survey of Compositions For Classical Guitar Written By Croatian Composers From 1945 to 1990

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



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Peter Ciurczak

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Following World War II, Croatians composed a significant amount of classical guitar literature, the quality of which made obvious the need to introduce this repertoire to musicians world-wide. To achieve this end, written correspondence and personal interviews with professional classical guitarists and composers of the Croatian Composers' Association helped identify published and unpublished sources. All available materials were examined. Composers' biographies, observations about their musical styles, and reviews of selected works for the classical guitar make up the body of this study. Included with each work are the details of its completion and first performance as well as a description and opinion about its style. Where appropriate, an analysis of a work is presented which focuses on the elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, texture, and the presence of western styles or East-European and Mediterranean folk motives. Chapter I presents the history and development of the classical guitar in Croatia along with a statement about the content and purpose of this study. Chapter II is a list with commentary of the related literature reviewed prior to undertaking the research. Chapter III presents biographies of twenty-two contemporary Croatian composers, descriptions of their compositional styles, and information on sixty-nine works written for the guitar by these men. The appendices include a comprehensive list of classical guitar works, solo and chamber, written by Croatian composers between 1945 and 1990. The chamber works are arranged by medium. Information about the availability of the music and the addresses of the composers who are still living is provided.