Evaluation of a Compliance Training Package From a Single Component to Successive Components

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Ron P. Edwards

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The use of compliance training packages consisting of positive procedures has been recognized as an important tool in decreasing noncompliance in children. Three positive procedures that have shown considerable effectiveness have been time-in, contingent praise for compliance, and effective instruction delivery. The primary purpose of the present study was to provide a demonstration and evaluation of an approach to compliance training that involves beginning with a single component, and adding successive components until an acceptable level of compliance is achieved. Four students from a university-based psychology clinic who had percentages of noncompliance to first-time-parent-presented instructions of 40% or more were selected for participation in this study. Each parent was trained to implement the different intervention procedures. Observations were conducted within the clinic and percentages of compliance were analyzed for each treatment condition. Treatment acceptability data were collected and analyzed for each parent.