An Evaluation of the Contributions of Time-In and Time-Out to a Compliance Training Package for Children

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Daniel H. Tingstrom

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Researchers have studied and documented the effectiveness of time-in and time-out to address inappropriate behaviors. This study investigated the order in which the components of the intervention are introduced. A time-in only phase and a time-out only phase were introduced prior to a combination phase. The effects of treatment were assessed using a multiple baseline comparison across and within pairs of subjects to compare each student's compliance across phases. Compliance rates of each student for each session were graphed showing individual data points and median lines; graphs were then visually inspected. The combination phase was equally effective when preceded by either the time-in only phase or the time-out only phase for all four students. Comparisons were also made investigating the effectiveness of the time-in only and the time-out only phases. An approximate 1-month follow-up was done to assess whether increased compliance was maintained.