Boys and Girls in the Modern World

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Frederick Barthelme

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This dissertation is a collection of eleven short stories written and submitted to fiction workshops as a PhD candidate at the University of Southern Mississippi. Rather than arranging the stories in the order in which I wrote them, I have attempted to present them in an order that might tell an overall story in addition to the smaller ones within. The chronological order of these stories is "Anything More" and "Crouched in the Midway" from 1999; "Partiers," "Dust," "Househusband," and "The Age I Was At Christmas and the Girl That I Was With" from 2000; and "The Graveyard and the Roller Rink," "Cavities," "Bible Talk," "Stephen Wants To Cry," and "Every Three Years" from 1999. "Anything More," "Crouched in the Midway," "Dust," "Househusband," "The Age I Was at Christmas and the Girl That I Was With," "Bible Talk," "Stephen Wants To Cry," and "Every Three Years" were submitted to Frederick Barthelme's workshop. "Partiers" was submitted to Steve Barthelme's workshop. "The Graveyard and the Roller Rink" and "Cavities" were submitted to Mary Robison's workshop.