A Review of Grade One (1) Band Literature Found On the University Interscholastic League List of Prescribed Music For Band From 1967 To 1998

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Thomas V. Fraschillo

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The purpose of this study was to provide band directors who are involved in the teaching of first year instrumental students with a resource guide to grade one band literature. "Prescribed Music Lists" of the Texas University Interscholastic League from 1967 through 1998 were used as the selection criteria for individual compositions. One hundred and fifty-six works were included in the study. Of that number, 29 were found to be out of print, 9 were not located, and 1 was backordered from a publisher. Information on the remaining 117 compositions was presented in 21 areas. Those areas included: composer name, arranger name, title, publisher, copyright date, UIL list appearance years, types of scores available, parts included, percussion instruments required, number of measures, key signatures, meter signatures, tempo indications, dynamics, terms and symbols, repeats, note and rest values, rhythmic content, instrument ranges, general information, and other information. General information included background material about the work; other information addressed use of soloists and orchestration. Information was taken directly from each individual composition. This material could be useful to directors doing research with regard to potential performance selections. It could also prove valuable in the formation of lesson plans devoted to a particular composition.