The Relationship Between Participation in the National Youth Sports Program and Student Behavior During the School Year

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Educational Studies and Research

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Arthur Southerland

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Educational Studies and Research


Data were collected on 62 camp participants in order to investigate the influence, if any, of summer camp on student behavior and grades. The data used were collected from cumulative records and discipline reports of individuals who had participated for at least 2 years after permission was granted by parents and the superintendents of each school district. The National Youth Sports Program is a summer camp in which participants are exposed to various sports in three areas or rotations, and are grouped according to age (10-11 years, 12-13 years, and 14-16 years). Those participants who qualified as subjects for the investigation were matched with non-participants using the variables of age, sex, participation, and grade. A comparison was made using academic grades and behavior results. The results indicated that there were no significant differences between participation in the National Youth Sports Program and nonparticipation regarding social behaviors and grades.