Measuring Trust Within Organizational Culture

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Bruce Holliman

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The work environment of today is changing at an unprecedented pace. In the developmental literature, the cooperative behavior and creative problem solving needed to meet these challenges has been shown to be related to trust. It is proposed that the level of trust within an organization's culture could be a deciding factor in determining whether employees facilitate or impede corporate change. The present research was an attempt to validate a scale designed to measure trust within the organization's culture. The Organizational Trust Scale (OTS) was factor analyzed, and the factors which emerged were consistent with the literature. Repetition of the factor analysis indicated that the factors were not stable. However, the scores for the OTS were relatively stable after a 6 week interval. The OTS was positively correlated with Rotter's Interpersonal Trust Scale, and was not reflective of job satisfaction or organizational structure. The OTS is a good predictor of efficiency and effectiveness.