Zyklus: A Performer's Analysis; A Video Taped Timpani Method Utilizing Computer Assisted Instruction For Ear Training

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Sherman Hong

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The first part of this study is an analysis of Karlheinz Stockhausen's Zyklus. Biographical information on the composer was included as well as the events leading up to the composition of Zyklus. Discussions of structure types, time grids, ratio of structure types, explanations of notational systems and a listing of the instruments are included. Graphs and charts of peaks of period activity and ratios of structure types are also included. The second part of the study is the text for a timpani method. There were twelve individual lessons covering only the basics of timpani playing. The purpose of the study was to construct a method book intended specifically for use with middle school and junior high school age students. The students must have had at least one year of musical training which included snare drum, rhythmic training and bass clef reading. Musical exercises and etudes were written by the author and designed to be progressive in musical and technical demands. The individual lessons were: I, Selecting the Proper Mallets; II, The Grip; III, Tuning the Timpani; IV, Stance, Stroke, the Playing Spot; V, Playing on Two Drums; VI, Dampening the Timpani; VII, The Roll; VIII, Grace Notes; IX, Avoiding Sticking Problems; X, Changing Pitches During Performance; XI, Playing on Three Drums; XII, Playing on Four Drums. Each of the twelve lessons were video taped to accompany the text. The author read and performed selected portions of the text and musical examples for further clarification. Also included was a program for computer assisted instruction in ear training.