Selected Twentieth-Century Unaccompanied Duets For Voice and Flute By American Composers

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



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Thomas V. Fraschillo

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The focus of this study is the examination and evaluation of literature for unaccompanied voice and flute produced by twentieth-century American composers. This is accomplished through the consideration of known works for this medium, their sources, and their availability, and through the cataloguing of these works. A brief observation of the popularity afforded the voice and flute combination among composers of different periods is included. Also, the development of the modern flute and its suitability to the demands of early twentieth-century composers are weighed as possible influences on the advent of the unaccompanied duet for voice and flute. Various compositional procedures and stylistic influences found in American voice and flute duets are also observed and discussed. Further attention is given to twenty-five selected compositions through analysis of structural aspects, melodic and harmonic foundations, textual sources and treatments, rhythmic organization, expressive impact, general difficulty, and special techniques. In some cases, possible performance problems are examined with recommendations given for appropriate performing venues. In addition, listings of unaccompanied voice and flute duets by composers of other nationalities and available recordings of such works are provided as appendices to the study.