An Investigation of Selected Colonial Latin American Vocal/Choral Works, Including Practical Performance Editions (Peru, Mexico)

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Jack Donovan

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This study was undertaken to examine music during the colonial era in the Latin American cultural centers of Lima, Peru, and Mexico City, Mexico, and to subsequently prepare practical performance editions of selected vocal/choral works by composers whose contributions to music of that epoch have been determined to be significant. The compositions under investigation included "Hanacpachap cussicuinin," in Quechua dialect from Juan Perez Bocanegra's Ritual formulario, e institucion de curas of 1631; "Los Negritos," a Christmas villancico in Negro-Spanish dialect, by Juan de Araujo (1646-1714); the complimentary "Loa" from the opera "La Purpura de la Rosa" by Tomas de Torrejon y Velasco (c. 1644-1728); "Al Prodigio Mayor de la Gracia" by Manuel de Zumaya (c. 1678-1755); and "Mariposa de sus rayos" by Jose de Orejon y Aparicio (c. 1705-1765). Preparation of the vocal/choral performance editions included string and continuo parts suitable for secondary school or collegiate use. A description of the performance practices and compositional techniques used during the Spanish Baroque era of the colonial New World was included to aid in the interpretation of the performance editions. Among the pertinent data taken into consideration during the preparation of the performance editions were the pronunciation of dialects, the tessitura of the music, the level of difficulty, the use of antiquated clef signs, the use of mensural notation, and the interval of transposition in some works. Music Education was begun in the American Hemisphere by priest-composers who were commissioned by the Ecclesiastical Authorities in Peninsular Spain to instruct the native Indians in the colonies of "New Spain." By placing the works included in this study in their historical perspectives, new horizons in the study of the cultural heritage of the American Hemisphere are opened in the field of Music Education.