The Impact of a Major Federal Aid To Education Program On Elementary And Secondary Education In Mississippi

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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership and School Counseling

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E. H. Bedenbaugh

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Educational Leadership and School Counseling


The study investigated the impact of Title I, ESEA on elementary and secondary education in Mississippi. Six researsh areas included: legislative background, intent and target population, changes in the law, Mississippi's allocations compared to annual education budgets, impact on achievement levels, and the status of the program on June 30, 1990. The Johnson Administration used poverty's impact on education among its approaches to gain passage of this major federal aid to education law. The funding formula impacted high concentrations of children from low-income homes. Thus, in Mississippi, significant funds were provided for education programs for disadvantaged students. While the initial law was somewhat ambiguous, changes have standardized program requirements. The passage of Chapter 1, ECIA, revised the legislation and reduced program requirements at the local level. Public Law 100-297 increased local accountability and required school districts to improve compensatory education programs not meeting state standards in student achievement. Findings indicate that compensatory education funds have increased in amount and decreased in percent of the total education budget in Mississippi. Total state education funding increased from $272 million in 1970 to \$1.6 billion in 1990, a 486% increase. For the same period, compensatory education funding increased 97%. Educational impact was measured using Normal Curve Equivalent scores (NCEs). Compensatory education programs have shown increased educational achievement among participating students. Gains were higher in mathematics than in reading or language arts. Compensatory education programs have provided avenues of instruction that students otherwise would not have received in this state. The federal government's commitment to education has been a commitment to education in Mississippi.