Opinions of Recent Baccalaureate Graduates of a Selected University Toward the Effectiveness of Placement Services

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Educational Studies and Research

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Arthur R. Southerland

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Educational Studies and Research


The purpose of the study was to inquire into and interpret the opinions of recent baccalaureate graduates of a selected university toward the effectiveness of the college placement services. Factors identified as possibly influencing those opinions were: age level, job position, annual salary, sex, geographical location, college major, and the total score of the respondents. The instrument that was used to gain information from the respondents was an opinionnaire that was specifically designed for this study. After the instrument was reviewed by a group of experts, a pilot study was conducted. Suggestions received from both sources were used to improve the format and content of the instrument. Revised opinionnaires, along with a cover letter, were mailed to the randomly selected subjects. Upon receipt of their responses, data were compiled and organized to correspond to the order of the hypotheses. Statistical treatment of the data included the Pearson r correlation coefficient and the multiple R correlation coefficient, depending on the variables tested. None of the seven hypotheses was significant at the.05 level. Data from the study revealed that the opinions of those polled tended to cluster toward the middle of the scale in regard to the effectiveness of the college placement services office. It is recommended that more effort should be expended to make faculty members and upper level students aware of the offerings of the college placement services.