A Comprehensive Performance Project In Trumpet Repertoire; An Essay On Eugene Bozza's Published Compositions For Solo Trumpet With Piano Or Orchestra and an Analysis of Representative Compositions

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



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Jack P. Donovan

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A comprehensive performance project of twenty-five perform- ances including a lecture recital was undertaken and completed. The text for the lecture recital, which discussed trumpet techniques and performance problems in three accompanied twentieth-century sonatas: Karl Pilss' Sonate fur Trompete und Klavier (1935), Arthur J. Meulemans' Sonate voor Trompet en Klavier (1959), and David Cope's Sonata for Trumpet and Piano (1969), is included in the dissertation. The major portion of the paper is devoted to an essay on four selected accompanied trumpet solos by Eugene Bozza. The trum- pet works discussed were: Caprice No. 1, Op. 47 (1943) for trumpet and piano, Concertino (1949) for trumpet and orchestra, Rustiques (1955) for trumpet and piano, and Cornettina (1965) for trumpet and piano. Musical examples illustrating passages from each work are discussed in terms of specific trumpet techniques, style or performance problems. Two lists are included in appendices: (1) a list of twenty-eight of Bozza's compositions for brass instruments which include trumpet parts and (2) a brief selected discography of recordings of Bozza's music for solo trumpet.