A Study of Factors Influencing Academic Motivation In Intellectually Gifted Youth

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Educational Leadership and School Counseling

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Frances A. Karnes

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Educational Leadership and School Counseling


The present study was designed to examine the relationship between the criterion variable of motivation and the predictor variables of grade level, gender, self-concept, race, academic achievement, and school socioeconomic status in selected gifted students. One hundred forty seven intellectually gifted students in grades 4 through 8 from a school district in central Mississippi were administered the Children's Academic Intrinsic Motivation Inventory (CAIMI) (Gottfried, 1986) and the Piers-Harris Children's Self-Concept Scale (Piers & Harris, 1969). Multiple linear regression was used to analyze the data. A significant relationship was found between the combined group of predictor variables and motivation in the gifted students in this study. A significant independent relationship was found between motivation and self-concept. Conclusions and recommendations for future research are included.