Using Peer Tutoring to Implement Reading to Read: Increasing Reading Fluency Within the Classroom Setting

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Ron Edwards

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The study was conducted in three phases in an effort to investigate the effectiveness of using a peer tutoring program to increase oral reading fluency using Reading to Read. Phase 1 was implemented using a combination multiple treatment, multiple-baseline across subjects design with 8 tutoring pairs. Results reveal that 5 of the 8 tutees achieved higher passage mastery rates under the Reading to Read condition than they did under the placebo condition (Repeated Reading). The 3 tutees who did not demonstrate higher passage mastery rates under the Reading to Read condition, performed with similar rates under both conditions. Treatment integrity was also investigated and overall compliance with intervention components ranged from 80% to 98%. Phases 2 and 3 addressed issues regarding direct supervision of tutors during data collection.