Construct Validity of the Social Skills Rating System

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Larry Gates

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The Social Skills Rating System (SSRS) is a new experimental instrument which provides a broad multi-rater, multi-factor assessment scale for rating the frequency of children's desirable social behaviors. The SSRS, which can be used at school and at home, measures the two subdomains of Social Competence: Social Skills and Adaptive Behavior. The present study established construct validity for the Teacher version of SSRS (SSRS-T) by comparing it with the analogous versions of the Achenbach's Child Behavior Checklist-Teacher Report Form (CBCL-TRF), and Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales-Classroom Edition (VABS-CE). The findings from this study suggest that both SSRS-T and VABS-CE deal with same measure of a child's social skills with equal confidence. The significantly positive correlations between the scales reveal that the two instruments can be used interchangeably. The low correlation between SSRS-T and CBCL-TRF suggest that one of these instruments is measuring some aspect of social skills which is not measured by the other. Because of the unclear relationship between the SSRS-T and the CBCL-TRF, the two instruments can be used to supplement each other. Finally, the researcher also looked at the limitations of the findings and made some suggestions regarding the areas for future research.