Education, Training, Ages, Salaries, and Military Experience of Local Police Officers by Size of Agency in Mississippi

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Educational Studies and Research

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W. Lee Pierce

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Educational Studies and Research


Local law enforcement agencies in the State of Mississippi were described, and the data collected from these agencies were analyzed in terms of the education, training, ages, salaries, and military experience of their officers and the sizes of the agencies. Multiple linear regression was used to assess relationships existing among these variables. The sample used in this study consisted of the law enforcement officers employed by thirty law enforcement agencies in the State of Mississippi. These thirty agencies were selected using a stratified, random sampling technique. Agencies were stratified according to type and size. Data were collected by visiting each of the thirty agencies. The results of the study indicated that there was a significant relationship (P < .05) between the best weighted composite of the variables education, training, age, salary, and military experience and the variable size of agency. Significant bivariant relationships were found between education and size of agency, between salary and size of agency, between age and education, between education and training, and between officers' ages and military experience. Also, sheriffs' deputies were found to be significantly older and to have significantly more military experience than police officers.