A Comprehensive Performance Project In Trumpet Literature; An Essay On Selected Trumpet Excerpts From Brass Quintets By Ingolf Dahl, Gunther Schuller, Alvin Etler, and Jan Bach; And a Bibliography of Brass Quintets Written By American Composers From 1938 To 1980

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



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A. Norbert Carnovale

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A comprehensive performance project of twenty-nine performances including a lecture recital was completed. The text for the lecture recital, which discussed performance practice problems and trumpet playing techniques in three unaccompanied trumpet solos: Stefan Wolpe's Solo Piece for Trumpet, Vincent Persichetti's Parable for Solo Trumpet, and Stanley Friedman's Solus, is included. A substantial portion of the dissertation is devoted to an essay on excerpted trumpet parts from Ingolf Dahl's Music for Brass Instruments, Gunther Schuller's Music for Brass Quintet, Alvin Etler's Quintet for Brass Instruments, and Jan Bach's Laudes. Commentaries on the excerpted musical examples concentrate on trumpet techniques, style, and performance problems. The four works to be excerpted were chosen as a result of a survey of fifty-four professional trumpet players, who were asked to vote for the quintets they considered to be "the most significant in the quintet repertoire." Tabulated results of this survey appear in the appendix. A brief history of the brass quintet in America traces composition for brass quintet beginning with Albert Schmutz's Prelude and Gavotte of 1938 and continuing through the present (1982). A list of 293 published brass quintets written by American composers from 1938 to 1980 was compiled and appended.