Developmental education at a Southeast Mississippi community college

Martha Lou Byrd


Developmental education is a topic of controversy throughout postsecondary education. Advocates promote developmental education believing it must exist to serve those who have been shorted by the secondary system and those who choose to return to school after an extended absence. Critics denounce efforts in developmental education as a refunding of secondary education. However, even critics can see that the extra cost to remediate students is better than the cost to supplement them through welfare. This study researches the success of English Composition I students who took Developmental English II and the success of College Algebra students who took Intermediate Algebra. Data in this study show that students who took Developmental English II had a mean English Composition I grade that was lower than students who did not take Developmental English II. In addition, it was revealed that Intermediate Algebra students had a lower mean College Algebra grade than students who had not taken Intermediate Algebra. In regard to gender and students who took developmental courses, there was a significant relationship in College Algebra and Intermediate.