The concept of hierarchy: Developing an understanding of computer directory systems

Chinchieh Chiang


This study was designed to investigate the relationship between the criterion variable of achievement in computer directory systems (ACDS) and the variables of analogical reasoning ability (ARA) and conceptual awareness of hierarchy (CUH). The subjects were 67 students enrolled in introduction to computing (CSC 100) courses taught by the same teacher at the University of Southern Mississippi in spring 1996. The pretests, ARA and CAH, were administered in week 3 of the semester. The posttest, ACDS, was administered one week after the unit on the computer directory concept. Multiple linear regression was used to analyze the data. Findings of this study included the following: (a) There was a significant relationship between ACDS and the variables ARA and CAH (F(2, 64) = 4.15, p =.02); and (b) there was a significant interaction between ARA and CAH on achievement in computer directory systems (F(1, 63) = 6.54, p =.01).