Jerry D. Erwin


The work is divided into two sections, "Fiction," an "Non-Fiction," and includes a preface. In the preface the author relates some of the family history of oral storytelling meant to explain a source of his own endeavor. A family story which is untitled but might be called "Christmas Present," is included in the preface. The only other of the stories which has obvious family history connections is "Duke," which is a story of a late nineteenth century mule breeder struggling to survive in changing society. The remaining stories are connected through a character, Scott Warner, is the protagonist in three and makes an appearance in all but "Duke" where, however, another Warner appears and might well be considered a predecessor of Scott. The title story tells of the experiments with sexuality of a post-pubescent teenage girl in the late 1950s. The one entry in the "Non-Fiction" section returns to the theme of family history, though the emphasis is split between the protagonist/author and a contemporary/friend.