An evaluation of the contributions of effective instruction delivery to a compliance training package for children

Alisha Dione Ford


The present study, using a multiple baseline design across subjects, evaluated whether effective instruction delivery with contingent reinforcement (EID) would be effective in increasing compliance to first-time teacher-presented instructions in a regular classroom setting. ETD alone resulted in increases in compliance of 20.68%, 29.86%, 42.57%, and 43.94% above baseline levels for the four subjects, respectively. Additional increases of 17.06%, 13.1%, 12.44%, and 17.5%, respectively resulted when time-in was added to EID. An EID/time-in/time-out phase resulted in additional increases of 23.65%, 19.18%, 6.7% and 0%, respectively. Compliance levels were maintained at one-month follow-up for all four subjects. Results are discussed in terms of achieving compliance objectives through the use of antecedent conditions and exclusively positive procedures.