Natural disasters in international affairs: Formulating reconstruction planning in NOAA

Nikola Marie Garber


As disasters continue to occur, the mission of Commerce and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will facilitate their continued involvement in disaster relief efforts and funding. Without documentation, recreating the past process and protocol improvement is very difficult. Thus, an operational, multifunctional framework was created for future the NOAA participation in international reconstruction funding efforts following a major natural disaster. The framework utilizes standard protocols (laws, policies, and processes) of the Federal government and the NOAA, while creating a clear and available mechanism for funding such endeavors and improving a fragmented and cumbersome process. With implementation of this framework, the NOAA can improve its internal processes (planning, operation, implementation, and evaluation) and enhance its impact in international natural disaster reconstruction efforts. Hence, this coordinated disaster framework will fill the need of a framework to withstand Administrative changes. Finally, this framework can be modified by other Federal government agencies by modifying the framework to reflect their own internal laws, policies, and processes.