Press coverage of four twentieth-century evangelical religious movements, 1967--1997

Jack Garrison Griffith


This dissertation is a textual analysis of the "mainstream/secular" and "Christian" press coverage of four twentieth century religious movements: the Jesus People, the Moral Majority, the Christian Coalition, and Promise Keepers. There has not been a comprehensive analysis of the press' coverage of these movements. Questions addressed include: (1) Are there differences and/or similarities between the "mainstream/secular" and "Christian" press coverage? (2) Does the press coverage change as these movements become more politically engaged? (3) Are there discernable themes in the press coverage, such as, an emphasis on individuals in contrast to the movements? (4) Are there religious stereotypes perpetuated by both the "mainstream/secular" and "Christian" press? Analyses interpretations will be provided throughout this dissertation. This study will provide a seminal study for future projects.