Out of Round

Tiff Holland


This dissertation is a collection of poems and short stories most of which were written and submitted to poetry and fiction workshops while I was a PhD candidate at The University of Southern Mississippi. This dissertation includes both poetry and fiction because, although I started at USM as a poet, while I was there I discovered an "instrument for fiction." I believe taking up fiction has improved my poetry. It has also changed my life, and I believe that change is evident in this dissertation. Many of the poems, including: "Burgled," "No Need for Room Service," and "A Piece of August" document my experiences in Mississippi as both a poet and a person. Later poems, including the "Tracy" poems show the influence writing fiction has made on my poetry. Of the short stories, "Parka" and "Intersection," were written while I was in Mississippi and were submitted to Frederick Barthelme's workshops. The remaining stories were not formally workshopped.