Validation of the Children's Sleep-Wake Scale

Monique Katherine LeBourgeois


The purpose of this study was to assess the construct validity of the Children's Sleep-Wake Scale (CSWS) by demonstrating that scores on the CSWS (a) correlate adequately with other measures of sleep (sleep diary and actigraphy) and (b) discriminate groups of children theoretically expected to differ on multiple sleep dimensions. Data were collected on 2- to 8-year-olds ( N = 79; 43 males, 36 females) who were good sleepers, children with behavior problems, children with sleep-onset association problems, or community controls. Caretakers completed the CSWS and collected sleep diary and actigraphy data at home for one-week. CSWS subscale scores had moderate correlations with diary ratings and weak-to-moderate correlations with actigraphy measures. Subscale scores showed predictable differences between groups of children.