The effectiveness of the 4MAT multi-level staff development and teaching model in a selected school district

Paula Monette Singleton Montgomery


The primary purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between teachers' attitudes toward a multi-level staff development, their knowledge of program components, and their level of use of the program. Additionally, the subjects' teaching experience and grade levels taught were also important to this study. In particular, the study investigated the 4MAT teaching model as introduced during staff development training in a southwestern rural school district. The research addressed this question by collecting and analyzing data about: (1) teachers' attitudes toward the 4MAT teaching model, as measured by a questionnaire; (2) knowledge about the system, as measured by a survey and (3) use of the 4MAT teaching model in the classroom, as measured by prescribed criteria to evaluate lesson plans. The ultimate goal of this study is to provide data concerning the feasibility and effectiveness of the 4MAT multi-level staff development to the 4MAT Corporation and the administration of the selected school district. The study provided a review of the literature related to attitudes toward staff development and the process of the transfer of skills from staff development training to classroom use. The subjects of this study were 1997 educators in a selected southwestern Louisiana school district. Nine-hundred and fifty-four Questionnaire and Knowledge Surveys were provided to be administered to the teachers of the entire district. Administration of the instrument was conducted by the building administrator on the target date. A total of 569 were returned. In addition to responding to the 4MAT Questionnaire and Knowledge Survey, teachers were also asked to provide educational demographic information pertaining to sex, level of 4MAT training, grade level taught and years of teaching experience. Teachers were also asked to volunteer a 4MAT lesson plan for evaluation by an independent rater. The lesson plans were assessed using a prescribed criteria that is based on the teaching strategies presented during the 4MAT staff development. The analysis of data pertaining to the testing of the hypotheses is presented. There was a significant relationship between teachers' attitudes toward a multi-level staff development program, their knowledge of program components, their level of use, their grade level taught and their teaching experience. No significant relationships were found when interactions were addressed. This dissertation presents a discussion related to the results of the study. In consideration of the study's findings, recommendations for future research are included.