The use of Pestalozzian principles of music education in selected beginner band method books (1996--1999)

Cheryl Nobles Morris


Combining work, play, and music, and using object lessons with use of sense-impression, Pestalozzi, a Swiss educator, reformed education with his ideas of teaching the whole child. His ideals influenced Lowell Mason, who used the principles in public school music. A treatise concerning a method of teaching music was written by two of Pestalozzi's assistants, Pfeiffer and Nageli. Suggestions from the treatise, along with Pestalozzian principles of music education, were combined to form an assessment instrument to investigate selected beginner band books. Four books published between 1996-1999 were investigated for their use of Pestalozzian principles. The study revealed all books incorporated the principles to varying degrees. However, the book used to validate the assessment instrument, Standard of Excellence , incorporated all the principles.