Student versus staff perceptions of selected university student services and relationships between student satisfaction and academic perseverance

Kristi Lynn Motter


This study focused on both issues of satisfaction with student services and the importance of that service pertaining to the decision to remain enrolled, and the concept of those issues as related to the opinions of professional staff members from Financial Aid and Admissions. Satisfaction with services and importance of those services to the decision to remain enrolled in the departments of Admissions, Financial Aid, Residence Life and Food Service were evaluated to determine if a statistically significant difference existed. Areas of environment, service, staff, cost or assistance, office hours and an overall satisfaction and importance level were evaluated. Also a comparison was made to those opinions of students and professional staff members within Financial Aid and Admissions. Data were collected for this study through an instrument electronically submitted to those full-time undergraduate students enrolled at the main campus with electronic addresses. A total of 569 responses were received into the database. Results from the analysis indicated a small, statistically significant relationship between satisfaction with services and importance of those services in all departments evaluated. A statistically significant relationship was also found in the area of assistance between satisfaction and importance within the Department of Financial Aid. There is also a statistically significant relationship between ethnicity, classification and age when compared to the satisfaction level and the importance of Financial Aid. Each analysis was performed using regression analysis. A statistically significant difference was also found between satisfaction and importance in relation to student and professional staff opinions in the departments of Financial Aid and Admissions using paired-sample t -tests. Although the relationships are weak, statistical significance was found. Satisfaction with services offered in the departments of Admissions, Financial Aid, Food Services and Residence Life do have an impact in the decision of a student to remain enrolled. Student opinions of service within Financial Aid and Admissions also differ statistically from those professional staff members as staff members opinions produced higher means than those produced in the student results.