Organizational culture and performance in academia

Suzannah Annette Patterson


Organizational culture as a research topic is extremely popular in both the academic and managerial world (Sackmann, 1990). The early body of work relied almost exclusively on qualitative methods (Xenikou & Furnham, 1996), but today there exists a strong need for methods of quantitatively linking organizational culture to organizational performance. This work offers and tests an instrument to provide that assessment. Based on the work of Cooke and Lafferty (1983; 1986; 1989), Cooke and Rousseau (1988; 1989), Rousseau (1990) and Cooke and Szumal (1993), an instrument was developed to be administered to faculty members. Its use in this investigation indicates that the faculty performance at The University of Southern Mississippi is strongly influenced by Constructive Culture as described by Cooke and associates. Outcomes of this study are relevant when culture must be shown to influence the performance of organizational members, that is, when a particular kind of culture should lead to a particular kind of performance. This work increases the value of research currently being conducted on the management of organizational culture by providing a tool for "benchmarking" the current culture.