The impact of modeling educational technology in preservice education methods courses on preservice educator's concerns regarding the use of technology in the curriculum and the classroom

Susanne Castiglione Scott


The purpose of this study was to determine the difference between the experimental and control groups on the criterion variable, Stages of Concern with technology use in the classroom. In addition, this study investigated whether the criterion variable, Stages of Concern with technology use in the classroom, varies with selected independent variables categorized as teacher and general experience variables. Data were collected for this study through a survey given to 150 education students at a selected southern university. From a total of 106 useable surveys, 88 were randomly selected for this study. Results from the analysis of the data indicated no significant relationship between the groups and the dependent variable, scores on the Stages of Concern Questionnaire. Further, the variables computer literacy and educational technology training were not found to contribute significantly to the Stages of Concern. While the study as a whole experienced a gain in information literacy, this gain was not significantly related to the treatment. This study did not find a significant relationship between group and the planned type of use by teacher or student.