A Performance Project For Saxophone Orchestra Consisting of Five Performance Editions From the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern Eras

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



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Lawrence Gwozdz

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The popularity of the saxophone orchestra has spread immensely in recent years. Many universities and conservatories throughout the United States have founded large saxophone ensembles of ten or more players, and professional groups are continuing to emerge across Europe and Asia. With such rapidly growing popularity, it is only natural that composers have begun to write challenging compositions for the saxophone orchestra that utilize extended techniques and the highest range of the instrument. However, many of these modern works are extremely difficult and not accessible to many younger, less experienced players. Many saxophone teachers and performers look to the music of the past centuries to find works that are suitable for transcription that can be played by ensembles of various sizes and skill levels. These arrangements provide saxophone students with pieces from musical styles less familiar to them, allowing them to become more versatile musicians and artists. Transcriptions can be useful teaching tools for young ensembles of "new" instruments (e.g., saxophone, euphonium, and tuba) with a sparse repertoire. This project is designed to provide saxophone ensembles with five new transcriptions, one from each of five major musical style periods and to encourage others to pursue transcriptions in performance and teaching.