Recruiting Like Your Life Depends On It: Recruiting, Retaining, and Growing Healthcare Providers for Small and Low-Income Communities

Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Geography and Geology

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Mark M. Miller

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Economic and Workforce Development


In small, rural, low income communities, assembling a qualified workforce that enables companies to achieve their goals and objectives is a challenge faced by recruiters and human resource professionals every day. Organizations must possess the ability, resources, skills, and incentives necessary to recruit and retain qualified people. Recruiters and human resource professionals in these areas must creatively entice and attract the necessary workforce in order to meet the needs of organizations, the community, and residents. This research supplies information that can be used to help recruiters and human resource professionals recruit and retain healthcare professionals. Currently used recruitment and retention practices of a regional hospital in a small, rural, low income community are examined. Suggestions of practices that could be implemented to improve the effectiveness of the current practices are provided based on the suggestions of current hospital employees. Furthermore, the theories of creative class, social capital, equity, and expectancy are explored and compared to the findings. The identification of successful practices in attracting and retaining healthcare professionals provides a foundation for what will work to bring additional professionals to small, rural, low income communities.